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2024 Tips on how to apply and get Zenith Bank Loan in Nigeria


Do you have a Zenith Bank account and need an immediate loan over your phone? Worry no more! You are covered by the Zenith lending service.

Zenith Bank provides one of the best bank loan services available to both businesses and individuals in Nigeria. In fact, you don’t need any collateral to get some of Zenith Bank’s loans, unlike regular bank loans.

To suit the financial needs of its users, Zenith Bank launched a comprehensive range of loan products, including personal loans, SME loans, and mortgage loans.

Zenith Bank has also embraced the use of technology to meet the needs of its customers. They now provide loans to customers without having to visit their offices. We now have the Zenith Bank loan code and the Zenith Bank mobile app that can be easily used to get loans in the comfort of your home.

Have been seeking knowledge on how to borrow loan from Zenith Bank? Do you want to know how to apply for loans from Zenith Bank? If so, keep reading this article to learn more about the conditions and various types of loan products offered by Zenith Bank. Sit back and enjoy!

Types of Loans Offered by Zenith Bank

Like many other banks, zenith bank also provides a wide range of loan products to suit the various needs of its customers. They are explained below in detail:

SME Business Loans

This loan product is a special one available for small and emerging business owners. If you are a small business owner and you are a zenith bank account holder, then you should take your time to learn more about this loan because you might just be able to apply and get it.

This loan product is further categorized into sections to meet specific needs:

The Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI)

This is a special loan package launched by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), which aims to enhance employment and the creative sector in the country. Businesses in the fashion industry, film, music, and ICT industries are eligible to get this loan assistance. There is a special subsection loan available for students pursuing a degree in software engineering. The interest on this loan is fixed and charged at a rate of 9% per year.

MSMEs Loans

This loan is available for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises which are businesses with smaller holdings than SMEs. These enterprises are found in agricultural value chains, services, cottage industries, artisans, trade, commerce, and any other income-generating enterprise. Zenith MSME Loan will give you access to the money your company requires if you fall under this category. It is possible to borrow up to N2 million for a maximum of one year, that is, a repayment period of one year. A 9% interest rate is charged on this loan per year.

Z-Women SME loan

For female business owners in the SME sub-sector, Zenith offers a single-digit loan product called Z-Woman. The loan can be used for a number of things, including, stock purchases, operating capital, and facility improvements for businesses. With annual interest rates of 9%, you may borrow up to N10 million. Two years is the maximum borrowing term.

Import and Export Finance Facility

Zenith Bank provides loans through the Import and Export Finance Facility to companies that engage in foreign trade – the importation and exportation of items whether they are raw materials or finished goods. Both pre-and post-shipment phases can be covered by funding.

SME Overdraft

SMEs are also eligible to get an overdraft from Zenith Bank. Your business can borrow funds through a business overdraft, in addition to the funds already in your bank account. Usually, there is a predetermined overdraft or borrowing limit, and you can have as long as 12 months to pay it back.

LPO Financing

SMEs can also borrow money from zenith bank through LPO Finance, which is otherwise known as local purchase order financing. For instance, when a company receives a request to provide materials to a publicly recognized organization, they may borrow money to meet the purchase order and at the end of the transaction term, pay the loan back.

How to Qualify for Zenith Bank SME Business Loan

Not all of the many business loan packages offered by Zenith Bank will be suitable for your business. Additionally, the loan requirements for each product would likely be unique. Despite this, there are a few prerequisites that apply to all loan products, regardless of your interest in them.

Your business must be profitable and must have a steady inflow of income every month as one of the primary requirements. An additional consideration is having a solid credit history, particularly for those looking for loans without collateral.

However, the general requirements you need to meet to qualify for the zenith bank business loan are:

  • Register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria. This is to ensure that your business is certified and that your business will be liable and accountable for any future situation.
  • You must have a valid and working cooperate account with Zenith Bank
  • Your business must have been in operation for a period of one to three years
  • You must have a solid credit history with no overdue debts or negative credit.

How to Apply for Zenith Bank Business Loan

The first thing you need to do before applying for the zenith bank business loan is do research and identify a suitable and healthy one for your business.


There are several ways to submit an application for the zenith bank business loan. This can be done Applying is possible using the loan USSD codes, email, or by going to a Zenith Bank location.

Regardless of how you apply, your company’s suitability for the loan or credit facility in question must be determined. The objective of the loan you are applying for is also crucial and will be considered. When your application is assessed in comparison to bank lending policies, and you are found to meet all requirements, your loan application will be approved and if otherwise, will be rejected.

If your application is approved, the money will be given to you after you fulfill some requirements. Typically, an approved letter would outline these requirements:

  • A completed application form
  • Your business profile
  • Your business strategy
  • Bank account statements for the previous 12 months.
  • Audited or analyzed financial statements for the business
  • A certificate of business incorporation
  • A valid means of identifying the business owner (NIN, Voter’s card, driver’s license, or international passport)
  • Proof of address Information about any offered collateral


Zenith Bank Salary Advance Loan

The zenith bank salary advance loan also known as Zedvance provides up to 60% of your net monthly pay as a loan ahead of your payday. This is a flexible finance option for salary earners that will aid in meeting urgent financial requirements. This loan is a short-term loan with an interest rate of up to 2.5% and a repayment tenor of 30 – 31 days before your payday.

Requirements for the Zenith Bank Salary Advance Loan

  • You must be receiving your salary on a Zenith Bank account
  • You must have a stable monthly stream of income

Zenith Bank Education Loan

The education loan from Zenith Bank is intended to give parents and guardians access to short-term cash so they may cover their children’s or wards’ tuition costs. The minimum loan amount for the Zenith Bank education loan is N100,000, and the maximum loan amount is N5,000,000, with a maximum term of 3 months for junior high school students and a maximum term of 9 months for students in tertiary institutions. The school of the kid or ward will get the funds from the Zenith Bank education loan (school fees).

How to Apply for the Zenith Bank Loan

Generally, you can apply for the zenith bank loan either by using the zenith bank loan code, bank app, or by going to the nearest office.

Zenith Bank Loan Code Method

Applying for the zenith bank loan using loan USSD code is called Eazy Banking. If you have previously signed up for Zenith Bank Eazy Banking, you can borrow money from the bank using USSD codes by dialing *966*11#.

However, if you have not registered for easy banking before, you can follow the steps below to register

  • Dial *966*00# using the phone number linked to your Zenith bank Account
  • After this, a prompt asking you to enter the last four digits of your Zenith Bank ATM card number will appear.
  • Next, your account name will then be shown, allowing you to verify that the data you supplied regarding your ATM Card is accurate.
  • Then you’ll be requested to create your four-digit transaction pin
  • Verify your four-digit pin by re-entering the pin again, and after this, you are prepared to apply for a loan from Zenith Bank.
  • After following all the steps above, just dial *966*11# to apply for your loan

Zenith Bank App Method

  • Proceed to download the Zenith bank app on your iOS from app store or Android Device on Play Store
  • Next, open your Zenith Bank mobile app and click on the “Login” option.
  • After then, insert your login passcode for your Zenith bank app to launch your user dashboard
  • Then click the “More” option on  your dashboard
  • Next, tap the “Products & Services” option
  • Next, click on the ” Request for Loan” option
  • Then select the type of loan you want to apply for
  • Then click on the “ I am interested” button
  • Next, you will enter your desired loan amount and the loan repayment period
  • Next, you will have to click on the “agree to the terms and conditions” to be able to proceed.
  • Lastly, you will be required to enter your 4 Digit Transaction code and tap on submit the loan request.
  • After all of these processes, you will be contacted after 48 hours by zenith bank on the status of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow from Zenith Bank?

You can obtain personal loans from Zenith Bank that ranges between N5,000 and N2,000,000. You can acquire business loans from Zenith Bank for between N50,000 and N5,000,000. The loan amount is dependent on the loan product and your credit history.

How much time do I have to pay back a loan from Zenith Bank?

This is not fixed. Zenith Bank provides both short-term and long-term loans. The repayment term is usually flexible and depending on your need, repayment plan might be adjusted.

Can I get loan from Zenith Bank without Collateral?

Yes, it is possible to get loan from Zenith Bank without collateral. Collateral might not be required if you want to borrow small amount of money from Zenith Bank. Larger loan amounts, on the other hand, frequently call for collateral or, at the very least, a suitable guarantor.

The following are examples of acceptable collateral or security:

  • Federal Government of Nigeria obligations, including Treasury Bills, Eurobonds, and FGN Bonds.
  • State governments’ or federal government of Nigeria’s agencies’ obligations
  • Additional instruments of non-government debt
  • Physical assets, such as real estate
  • Guarantees from third parties or collateral

Can a student get loan from Zenith Bank?

Yes, a student can get loan from zenith bank. Zenith bank has a loan product called the Education loan available for students.

What is Zenith Bank loan code?

Just like most traditional banks, zenith bank also uses loan USSD code. To apply for loan using the zenith bank loan code, simply dial *966*11#.

How do I pay back Zenith Bank loan?

The loan will be automatically deducted from your bank account upon the due date. Just ensure you have the exact amount you borrowed in your bank account before the repayment due date.

Can I get salary loan from Zenith Bank?

Yes, you can borrow loan from zenith bank if you are a salary earner. This loan is called the salary advance loan where you will get loan ahead of the date you will receive your salary.

Can I get loan from Zenith Bank without BVN?

No, you need to have a BVN before you can be able to get a loan from zenith bank. The BVN is a requirement for operating any Nigerian Bank.


To satisfy the various financial needs of its customers, Zenith Bank offers a wide range of loan products. Zenith Bank offers a variety of loan options to meet various financial needs, including personal loans, salary advances, and business loans,


Customers can now effortlessly apply for a loan from the comfort of their homes using the Zenith Bank app for loans. Customers can also borrow money using their phones by entering the zenith bank loan code and following the instruction prompt.

We hope you may now readily obtain loans that are appropriate for your needs as this post has given you complete insight into how to borrow money from Zenith Bank, how to secure a loan from Zenith, and how to use the loan code for Zenith Bank.









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