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How To Easily Apply and Get Sterling Specta Loan

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have nobody to turn to for financial assistance? You should not be embarrassed about this. The truth is no one is immune to such a situation. Sometimes, even rich people become broke that they are forced to ask for financial aid.

This is why the number loan apps and loan-providing entities in Nigeria have been increasing. Each of the loan apps has its unique or special selling point for attracting customers. Some may be low interest, some might be long repayment periods, and other enticing offers.

Some of these loan apps are empowered or sponsored by our regular commercial banks. This is a good thing because we can even trust them more. One of such loan app is Specta.

Specta is a significant loan provider sponsored by the very notable Sterling Bank in Nigeria. They offer their services nationwide. The type of loan they offer is not limited to personal loans. In fact, some people collect loans from Specta to fund wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies, etc. E no kuku concern them. Just make sure you pay back the loan before repayment deadline.

Talk of loan perks? Specta provides loans without collateral, without stressing you fill out unnecessary documents like commercial banks plus the loan is disbursed immediately after you apply. It is also an instant loan app. They won’t cause you any delay

There are different kinds of loan products offered by Specta. In this article, we will explain all the products so that you can know the type that fitS the situation you need money for.

Types loan products by Specta

Xtreme Specta

This type of package is only available for business owners and salary earners. The customers can earn as high as ₦2M under this package. The repayment period is about 12 months. You need to have a sterling bank account if you want this loan.

Basic Spectra

This loan package is a little but different. Here, business owners that want the loan must have sterling bank account while on the other hand people that earn salaries do not need to meet the requirements. customers can borrow as much as ₦5,000,000. The repayment period can be up to 4 years.


This prime loan package is available for large cooperations and business people for investment with huge ROI. The loan can be given in different currency such as naira or dollar epending on what the recipient wants.


The allawee spectra package is designed specifically for NYSC corp members. Here, the corp members can borrow money if they have business ideas they want to kickstart. It also available for members that already have small businesses but want to expand.

What are the Requirements to Get Specta Loan

  • One of the basic requirements for this loan is the bank account number. Under some loan package, you will only be eligible if you have sterling bank account
  • You must have a valid government issued ID
  • You must have a working business or be a Salary earner
  • You must provide your BVN
  • A good credit record is an indispensable loan.

How Do I apply to get Specta Loan?

Applying for specta loan is through EMAIL. Proceed to the loan page on their site and download the Domicillation agreement form. Fill this form and after ensuring you must have correctly filled, and scan to send to

What is the Interest rate on Specta Loan?

Specta charges up to 27% on loans borrowed depending on the type of package borrowed.

What is the Loan Repayment Period?

The repayment period is 1 month to 12 months. If the loan is not paid back before deadline tbe interest rate will keep increasing by 1%.

Is Specta Legit?

Specta is more than legit if not they will not be empowered or sponsored by sterling bank. In fact, they have a head office located at Lagos Island. They also are active on social media with good customer support.



Specta is a good loan provider as they even offer a flexible repayment term. Their interest rate is minimal so is their repayment period. They are not too strict with people that default but they have their ways of collecting back their money.


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