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How To Apply and Get Creditville Loan

Not many loan providers or moneylending companies provide multiple loan products for their customers. Only a few of them do and one of the few that are known for their credibility and reputation is the CreditVille.

Creditville is a leading moneylending institution or loan provider that has made accessing loan easy for individuals and businesses. Creditville provide instant loan package to its customers. If you are business owner, start up entrepreneur, or salary earner facing financial crisis, you can always run to creditville for bail out.

Their loan plans are not only available to workers or business people, even students loans are available. Their loan is swift and one of the best available in the loan industry. You can access their loan without collateral but you must meet up with their requirements. They offer different loan products which will be explained in the coming section of this article.

Creditville Loan Products

There are 3 major loan products provided by credtville. They are explained below:

Business loans

These are loans available for people that own a business to upscale or expand their business. The loan can also be made available for start up to develop their ideas and bring it to reality. But before there are stringent and strict measures put in place that start ups must meet before they can be given.

As a startup seeking to collect loan from creditville, you must have done deep and background feasibility study. Your business plan must be credible because they have specialists that will review all your documents and plans before you can be given the loan.

However, creditville have given more loans to people that already have a working business than startups. This might be because of the high risk involved and they believe already existing business are more liquid than startups.

Salary Advance Loans

This is another loan product offered by creditville to salary workers. It can also be called the payday loan. Workers can apply to get this loan ahead of the day they will be paid their salary.

Government workers are mostly eligible. If you are working in private organisation, your company must be reputable and renowned to be able to apply for this loan.

The amount of loan given is calculated as 50% of the worker’s salary. For example, if the salary is ₦400,000 the worker can get as high as ₦200,000.

The repayment period for the salary advance loan is 3 months to 6 months. The repayment amount and interest will be removed from your monthly salary. Before you can collect the loan, you must choose your repayment plan.  Also, your employer must approve this loan before you can be given

Car hire Purchase Loan

This is a car loan available for people that want to own their own car but do not have money to purchase it. You can see that Creditville is a loan for everyone? Creditville designed this loan for people that want to purchase cars through hire purchase.

In fact, there’s much interest in this package because it is a form of business empowerment. For instance, if you want to become an uber driver and you don’t own your personal car for this, creditville can help you out. They will give you a car that you can use for your uber business.

The car is not fully yours until you have completely paid for the car. Once you have completely paid for the car, they will give you complete ownership of the car once you have finished paying for the car with the interest charged.

Requirements for Getting Creditville Business loan

  • Be a resident of Nigeria – you must be a resident of Nigeria
  • Your business must be operating in the state office you want to collect the loan
  • You must not be less than 22 years of age or older than 60 years
  • You must provide at least a recent copy of your passport
  • A valid means to identify you such as any government-issued ID card
  • You must provide a guarantor and a means of identifying your guarantor
  • Your business must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • A good credit score is important
  • You have to provide a utility bill not older than 3 months
  • You must provide at least 6 months old bank account statement

Requirements for Getting Creditville Payday Loan

  • You must have an active current bank account
  • You must be not less than 21 years old or older than 60 years of age
  • You must provide a copy of your employment letter
  • A valid government-issued ID card for identity verification
  • You should provide your bank account statement of not older than 6 months
  • Utility bill is also required
  • You must also have a good credit record

How much can I get from Creditville?

Regardless of the product, the maximum amount you can get is  ₦6M and the minimum is ₦100k

What is the interest rate on the loan?

There is no enough information on the interest rate but it is between 6% to 15%

How long is the repayment term?

Depending on the type of loan you borrowed, the repayment term is between 6 months to 12 months

How long does the processing takes?

After applying for the loan successfully, your bank account will be credited in not more than 48 hours.

Does Creditville has a loan app?

No, as at the time of writing this article, there is no app available. Once there is, this article will be updated.

How do I apply?

You can apply either by visiting their official website or chatting them on WhatsApp through hire 07055554900


Creditville loan is a trusted and reliable loan provider in Nigeria. Their interest rate is considerably good  but the repayment term is short. They are one of the loan providers that do not provide their products through loan apps yet. You can always bank on them if you need loan for your business.


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